Pre and Post Israel Reflection

3+ years ago I came to this park and went on a walk through the nature trail by myself. Unprepared, in unsupportive sneakers and a GoPro in hand (click and swipe➡️), I set out to walk it in it’s entirety just to prove to myself that I could do it. After some breaks to takeContinue reading “Pre and Post Israel Reflection”

Disability Pride Month – July 2020

PSA: July is Disability Pride Month! So in total Chelsea fashion, I procrastinated posting until the very last day. 🙃 The topic has been heavy on my mind all month though. Like, what does disability pride actually mean to ME? Well, I have to admit my relationship with myself and my disability has evolved overContinue reading “Disability Pride Month – July 2020”

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

A few weeks back my roommate (Caitlin) and I took a day trip down to Coconut Grove to visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. I was born and raised in South Florida but for some reason rarely explored Miami during my childhood, so this spot was definitely top of my list to get to. AContinue reading “Vizcaya Museum and Gardens”


  Chicago was a blast! Made me realize I need to travel more often. Before visiting a new place I’ve never been before I tend to encounter a mixture of emotions and hesitations. Especially when I travel with my scooter. Questions about how accessible the city is, along with what choices I’ll have for transportation,Continue reading “Chicago”