Pre and Post Israel Reflection

3+ years ago I came to this park and went on a walk through the nature trail by myself. Unprepared, in unsupportive sneakers and a GoPro in hand (click and swipe➡️), I set out to walk it in it’s entirety just to prove to myself that I could do it. After some breaks to take a breather, I walked 1.3 miles for the first time consistently in a VERY long time. 💫

What motivated me to challenge myself to this? Well, I was in the process of applying to travel to Israel through Birthright a month before. In my phone interview with the organization, I mentioned that I had a walking disability and asked how accessible the trip was. The interviewer had hesitations and asked if I’d be able to walk by myself, without my scooter, for a couple of miles, since the terrain in some areas was not accessible. I said yes in the moment because I didn’t want to limit my chances of getting approved, but as time inched closer to the trip I was low key panicking. Would I actually be able to do this? Will I be left behind? Will I travel across the country to get stranded in a hotel room the whole time? 🤯.

So, I gave myself the test. I went to the park and just walked. I did it a few times a week leading up to my trip and it truly built my confidence. I was still nervous but I knew I could do it, and if I couldn’t, I opted to have faith that whatever challenges I was faced with on that trip, it would work out.

I came back to this park recently and was flooded with emotion as I reminisced. How so much could change and be accomplished in such a short amount of time. And timed perfectly to #YomKippur it felt kismet to reflect on my trip to #Israel. Can’t wait to share more about my trip with you!

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