Disability Pride Month – July 2020

PSA: July is Disability Pride Month! So in total Chelsea fashion, I procrastinated posting until the very last day. 🙃

The topic has been heavy on my mind all month though. Like, what does disability pride actually mean to ME? Well, I have to admit my relationship with myself and my disability has evolved over the years. And in my opinion, in the best way possible. ✨

Anyone who has known me for awhile, knows that I’ve always been open to answering any questions about my disability when approached. BUT, was I ever the first person to address the elephant in the room about what my disability is? Nope. But that’s clearly changed and now I’m openly talking about what it’s like having CP through my lens – solely because I’ve learned to own my disability outwardly. I’ve always embraced the positive impacts CP has had on my life, and now I’m proud to take it one step further by vocalizing all that it entails! 🎉

Take this pic for example, when I originally posted a photo from this night I opted to post an image of myself standing and leaning on a pole for balance. Now I’m happy to share a picture of myself sitting on scootz for #DisabilityPrideMonth as I reflect on all of the adventures I’ve been able to go on despite my “limitations”!

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