Self Acceptance Journey with The Comforted Soul Coach

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. – Oprah Winfrey.

THIS 👏🏻 

The very first time that I proactively started talking about my disability on my platform was a monumental day for me. The decision was not an easy one, it was a long and slow process of internal navigation and internal reflection where I really picked apart the pieces who made me who I am and looked at them in a new lens. I needed to figure out what my disability truly meant to me. It was and still is hard to navigate the relationship I have with #CerebralPalsy but it’s an important one, to me, and now at the very least I feel comfortable in my own skin to share parts of my life and my story publicly.

I’m proud of how my #selfacceptancejourney has evolved over the past few years, and beyond my internal work, I attribute the growth to those I surround myself with for pushing me to do so. I wasn’t able to do this alone. 

4 years ago, my then-acquaintance (and now bff + roommate) challenged me to do the inner work, even if we didn’t know it in the moment. Over one of our very first wine nights after work she told me she felt that there was more I needed to say in the world but that something was holding me back from saying it. (TBH I was very shy and quiet when we first met and was never the first one to bring up my disability – it was kind of the elephant in the room for anyone new I crossed paths with.) 

In the moment, I really thought she was crazy lol, but I went with it. Then after several casual conversations I started to understand what she meant, I did feel a certain level of fear around speaking my truth. She saw something in me before I could see it. I wasn’t comfortable with my disability, even though I TRULY thought I was, and that’s when my slow journey of acceptance began. Caitlin naturally fell into the role of guiding me through it. No, we didn’t have a formal structure or a weekly meeting, we’d just talk things through when it felt right. Her natural intuition and guiding qualities always made me feel comfortable and never judged, and she always eloquently helps me realize the things I want out of life without forcing her own personal thoughts on me. 

I’m sharing this today because I’m so proud of my soul sister for tapping into her passion and chasing her dreams. She officially earned her life + spiritual coaching certifications and launched a business of her very own doing what she loves!! I’m not posting about this as an advertisement, only posting as a PROUD and APPRECIATIVE friend of someone that quickly become a transformational part of my life. She has a natural talent of guiding people to realize their own worth by helping them lean into their natural abilities and their purpose. She help me define parts of who I am and helped me become empowered in my own words. 

If you’re in need of guidance from an incredible human, @thecomfortedsoulcoach has my full endorsement. I’m all about supporting my friends and loved ones because nothing makes me happier than their success, truly! 

Give her website a visit if you’d like to check it out!

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