May 27, 2020 – Epiphany

Today an old memory popped in my head from college. I couldn’t remember how a certain situation played out. Like completely could not even pull it from the depths of my mind for some odd reason. So I reached out to my friends to remind me of the outcome.

Through this quick convo, a small flicker of emotion surfaced and brought me back to how I felt during this experience. But it wasn’t as fresh, wasn’t as upsetting, and the memory was still blurry and faded, as if it barely impacted me when I KNOW it did so heavily in the moment.

This was a reality check that I needed. It reminded me that for some situations, the problems I may be facing today won’t be top of mind five years from now. They won’t be the blueprint for my future. What will, though, is opting to put my best foot forward and approaching each situation with a positive attitude, and believe that the rest will work itself out.

& I hope this short story/reflection helps others remember this too. ♥️

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