Impromptu Beach Hack

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged due to some personal things, but I’ve been thinking about getting back into it lately. And have been having a lot of random signs/experiences also pushing me in that direction. TBD, but in the meantime – jotted something down while embarking on an impromptu visit to the beach.

In the midst of all of the #HurricaneDorian prep, Fort Lauderdale has been having some beautiful weather! And over the course of the summer, having a full day of sunshine has been extremely rare. And if you know me, enjoying a day outside and near the water is important to me. So I’ve been feeling semi-depressed (maybe that’s dramatic idk), especially when seeing my casper the ghost reflection staring back at me in the mirror as a daily reminder. NO tan lines at the end of August?!

Wanted to soak up the sun any chance I could get during this long holiday weekend. My apartment complex closed the pool to prepare for the storm. While cleaning my apartment I saw the sun peaking through my blinds, so I decided to book it to the beach.

To make a long story short – I’ve made countless trips to the beach alone. For me, I just need to be extra cautious of my surroundings because I 1) can fall over easily and 2) can’t pick myself up without the help of someone else or leaning on something. And disclaimer, I don’t go in the ocean when I’m alone because it’s challenging getting in/out of the water, and keeping my balance against the waves.

I have a beach chair that I use to help myself up during my solo beach days but honestly haven’t figured out how to successfully close it, so wanted to avoid a drawn out wrestling match with the chair in case the rapidly moving storm clouds open up above me without warning. So while getting ready, I saw my little step stool in my closet that I use to reach things too high for my 5’4 self and packed it up in my beach bag. Why have I never thought of this before?!

Fast forward to now, I’ve got a great little compact set up that’s ready to be packed up quickly if needed. I was pretty excited about this minor but brilliant idea so it inspired me to write and share a little glimpse of my very mini staycation.

Hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian stays safe!

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