My Best Friend, Chelsea by Caitlin Willard


This blog has been talked about for a long time – over many dinners, glasses of red wine and late-night spiritual convos (she’s best friends with me, after all). Since I met her, Chelsea always talked about wanting to one day be a motivational speaker. She wanted to inspire others and be a living example of determination, resilience and never giving up. As our friendship grew from random happy hour dates to hanging out every weekend to roommates, the more I would nudge her, telling her, “but you can do that now!”

I guess I annoyed her enough because here we are now, and wow, I am so proud of her! It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to stand in your truth, and to live an authentic life, unapologetically. And that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Originally this guest post was going to be just that, a single post, but then I realized I could never possibly condense everything I wanted to say about Chelsea in a few paragraphs (I know I’m not alone in this!). Instead, this will be my first of many posts. I won’t make this one too long, I just wanted to brag on her a little and to express my gratitude to the universe for placing Chelsea in my life.

You see, my best friend, Chelsea is one of the best people I’ve ever met. She’s a serial optimist, a ray of light and an all-around smiley person. She has an affinity for sunshine, cold beer and chips and salsa. She is an example to me in expressing gratitude each day, and has never once let her disability get the best of her or stand in her way. She’s kind, thoughtful and unbelievably patient, all the while remaining resilient and strong. Simply, she’s a force to be reckoned with. My best friend, Chelsea is an inspiration to me – not because she is walking through this life with a disability, but because of how she chooses lives this life, in gratitude, kindness and lots of laughter and love.

I feel incredibly proud of her journey with this blog – past, present and future – and to be walking in this life by her side.

– Caitlin Willard

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