Tailbone, Meet Floor

I had a tentative plan. I wanted to write chronologically, strategically, and planned out specific topics. But then I realized, that’s not real life. Because put simply, life happens when you least expect it.

So here I am. 12:03 a.m. on a Monday night with a sudden burst of motivation to write. Why’s that? What is different tonight than a typical Monday night? Well, I’m just casually resting my ass on a heating pad… Literally. And it made me think and reflect on how exactly I ended up here.

I have ALWAYS related to the quote – that for most people represents a metaphor – “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” I do treat this quote as a metaphor and it has definitely helped me lift myself out of situations that would typically lead to self-doubt and disappointment. At the end of the day, I fully believe that every experience brings new lessons and helps to grow you as an individual. And for that, I am always so grateful and aim to walk away with a newfound mentality.

Regardless of the fact, sometimes it does just get physical for me. Like, I actually fall to the floor and quickly get a reality check that I’m no longer a child with the resilience I once possessed. Which leads me here, catering to my latest injury, after a weekend of surprising my best friend in Fort Myers for her birthday and a weekend of drinking.

TRUST. ME. I will go into depth about my experiences about consuming adult beverages as someone with CP. And quite frankly, my experiences just as a regular girl in her twenties. You just stay tuned.

Today I wanted to talk about my injury. Saturday night I took [yet another] direct fall to my tailbone. This time around it is way more manageable than in times past. But regardless, I can’t help but laugh. I’m 26 years old and have successfully maneuvered myself out of more falls than anyone can count, yet somehow a casual fall can come out of nowhere and catch me off guard, unable to reposition myself in time to minimalize my injury.

It was so simple. I was playing a fairly calm game of beer pong. Standing, throwing ping pong balls into red solo cups (missing most of them) and getting cheered on by my besties. Then BOOM, someone walks by and I lose my balance and fall backwards. Talk about a party foul.

It’s cool though. As I said earlier, I was with my best friends, so they know the drill. Just another Chelsea fall. After we all had a good laugh I got back up and resumed contributing little to nothing to my beer pong game, since apparently the older I get the more my BP skills seem to decline.

The night went on, and thankfully having a little buzz helped ease the instant pain of my fall. But waking up in the morning – oh boy. The pain of a tailbone fall is a pain I’d love to never experience again. But, you live and you learn. This reminder, was just that. A reminder that life will knock you over when you least expect it and you need to be aware of your surroundings – specifically the concrete floor you’re standing on. 😉

One response to “Tailbone, Meet Floor”

  1. grammalinda45 Avatar

    Been waiting for this blog !! As always, so proud of you …. You go girl !!! XOXOXO

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