STEPtember 2021

STEPtember Registration Instructions – Chelsea Bear & Co.

Registration Link:

Promo Code: CHELSEA (for 50% off)

1. Click on the Chelsea Bear registration link to get started – this will connect you directly with the organization page.

2. You will see the ‘Chelsea Bear & Co.’ name and logo pre-filled in the relevant fields.

3. If you took part in 2020 select ‘I’m back for 2021’ and use your log in details from last year. Then follow the steps below to complete your registration.

4. If you’re new to STEPtember, continue with the steps below.

5. Select your group from the drop-down box.

a. CP Community Member

b. Family/Friends

c. Follower/Supporter

6. Fill out your personal details.

a. We ask for your shirt size and address so that we can send you prizes!

b. If you’re not comfortable providing your home address, we suggest using your office address.

7. Let us know your motivation for joining the challenge.

8. Once you’ve read and agreed to the terms & conditions, hit the ‘save’ button.

9. Decide if you’d like to create a team or compete as an individual.

a. If you create a team, you’ll need to think of a creative team name and then invite (up to 3) your friends to join you.

b. Enter each teammates name and email address to invite them.

c. Your team members will receive an email inviting them to join your team.

10. Set yourself a fundraising goal – be aspirational but don’t worry, we won’t hold you to it!

11. Make a self-donation to kick-start your journey.

12. Finally, enter your promo code: CHELSEA and click ‘apply’ to validate and you will receive 50% off registration.

Joining a team:

1. You will receive an email invitation to join a team created by your co-worker.

2. Follow the steps above to complete your registration.